VDM Power Converter

VDM Power Converter was designed for easy connection of the drink machine to the barrel with water, if it is not possible in a given location to provide connection to water main. VDM Power Converter is connected instead of engaging the solenoid valve on one side and on the other side to the pump (12V or 24V), according to the type of pump. VDM Power Converter will then participate in the 230V socket inside the machine. This ensures that the machine is able to seamlessly / long draw water from the barrel without damaging the control electronics, as it happens in the event that the pump plugs directly without VDM Power Converter.

VDM Power Converter has the green status LED that serves as an indicator of "ready to go", and the VDM Power Converter is a red LED that lights up when the pump is in operation - "pumping water from the barrel." VDM Power Converter is equipped with a fuse, and this is protected from even entering machine and pump. If the fuse blows, the green LED goes out and it is necessary to determine the cause of burning fuses - seized pump, overvoltage, overvoltage to the output of the machine.

Currently the VDM Power Converter is 100% tested with machines of RHEA Vendors in combination with pumps German brand COMET Elegant 12V and 24V..

Coverage VDM Power Converter is IP67, for use in vending machines located outside is ideal.

VDM Power Converter can eventually be adapted for use in machines of other brands with other types of pumps.


VDMPC - main boardVDMPC - construction


VDM Power ConvertorVDMPC - LED

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