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Monitoring and management LAN without installing additional applications on client!

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GeCon ServerGeCon - blocking websites
Blocking websites using GeCona is a very simple matter. Just turn on the control application GeCon app, log in using your assigned username and password. In the tree, a group of computers you choose by using select a computer and select blocking policy. You can block by the following scenarios:

1) allow all - computers with this are not limited on the Internet and they can browse all the pages on the internet without restrictions

2) forbid all - computers with this policy can not browse any website

3) allow all with exceptions
- internet content is allowed throughout, except sites that are banned in the list, which is prohibited

4) forbid all with exceptions
- content of the Internet is blocked, except exceptions that are in the list of allowed sites, the user is therefore get only to those sites that are listed

Blacklists (dangerous site) and whitelist (safe site), the user can create their own discretion, or use a blacklist published by Lizard Software s.r.o.

Blocking sites is based on trapping the communication between client device (computer, mobile phone, tablet,...) and GeCon server. This principle implies that to the client devices are not installed any applications, and blocking the cross-platform (works on any PC, phone, tablet ... independent of the operating system)

GeCon login Blocking websites

GeCon - statistics of visited websites
Because all the Internet traffic goes through the GeCon, GeCon is capable to trace the computer and time of the request for web page from this computer. In practice, you can view the statistics of access to individual websites for individual computers, telephones, tablet. From these statistics can easily read the exact URL of a web page that the user visited, date and time of reading this page and the time remaining on this page. These statistics can be displayed using pie chart, or using a spreadsheet. The table and graph can then be exported to EXCEL. The EXCEL data on individual computers / users always shown on each sheet named after the user, so the data is much clearer.

GeCon - statistics - pie chart GeCon - statistics - table

GeCon - export to EXCEL

GeCon - proxy-cache

GeCon operates as the proxy cache server. This means that all sites that users in the network visit is stored in memory of GeCon. On re-request to the page (for example from other users in the network), this page is in memory, GeCon send it from the memory to the user. GeCon only check of the changes on the content of page, user always get the page in the current form. With this technology can save a significant portion of bandwidth internet connection, which in practice users will recognize a significant acceleration of work on the internet (faster loading web pages, download files faster,...).
GeCon is able to store gigabytes of websites and files.
This memory is accelerates downloading Windows Update - updates are downloaded only once and sent to all computers on the network - this solution is ideal if you have not deployed a Windows Server.

GeCon - file share
The GeCon can easily create a shared folder on the user's name, where you can only log on by entering a preset password. The creation of a shared repository for users can be created using the bulk import of users including passwords from TXT / CSV file. Names and passwords can be generated by the application supplied by us. Each computer can then map a drive by entering a specific user name and password. This is ideal if users frequently switching between computers, your files are still accessible from any computer on the network after login by the user-name and password.
Sdílené jednotky však lze konfigurovat přesně dle přání zákazníka.

GeCon - print server
To the GeCon can be connected a USB / LPT / RS232 / LAN printer, which can then be printed from any computer on the network. Currently we are working on feature that allows you to see an accurate preview of pages printed by each user, including date and time of printing. This can then easily determine the effectiveness of print in the company / school.

GeCon - VPN server
GeCon can work as VPN server, allowing users to connect to the corporate network from home or from a business trip. In this way, then have all the data from the corporate network (including printers, scanners, IP cameras,...) available anywhere in the world as if it were connected to the corporate network.

GeCon - antispam and mail server
The GeCon can run an e-mail server with spam filter. Users can connect using POP3, IMAP, SMTP protocol from their email client or via a web interface.

GeCon - Firewall and DHCP server
GeCon is able to block unwanted attacks on the corporate network through a built-in firewall. It is able to work in DHCP mode to obtain the server and assign IP addresses on the network. You can also optionally configure the required routing ports on individual IP addresses on the network (NAT).

GeCon - and much more...
Are you interested in a feature that is not listed here? Then please contact us! If GeCon function really does not, we can create it for you and implement it.

info@lizard-sw.com / +420 602 81 82 80 / +420 480 023 855

The main features
  • possibility of blocking Web sites for individual computers
  • blocking websites, blocking Facebook, block porn sites
  • the ability to create groups of PCs with different privileges, visitors, prohibited zones
  • proxy-cache - saving bandwidth (the same page during a 20-load requirements only once and sends to all PCs)
  • block ICQ, block Skype, block additional channels of communication
  • Blocking Peer-to-Peer networks (P2P) and torrent
  • monitoring and evaluation of visited Web sites - we can send it by e-mail to your mailbox every month
  • integrated firewall, antivirus, antispam
  • File-Server, FTP, Print-Server,....
  • ready for hosting your website
  • integrated VPN server with a simple creation of VPN certificates
  • DHCP, DNS, gateway server
  • daily updated blacklist
  • monitoring the corporate network and its management from anywhere in the world
  • easily integrated into any existing network
  • PowerPoint presentation HERE
For further information please contact us at: info@lizard-sw.com
Main features of GeCon...

PowerPoint HERE

PDF sheet HERE


No device is able to bypass the HTTP security of GeCon!


GeCon is built as a modular system and can be complemented by other functions!


GeCon is an affordable solution that will help you save a lot of cost!