VDM communicator - (earlier RS232 to BlueTooth)

This is a special converter for vending machines for coffee, food, desserts, etc. Lizard Software Ltd. developed in the early stage of the old converter RS232 to the Bluetooth allow and download the data directly to your computer, your phone using the SPP protocol. The latest version of the converter is able to communicate with an automatic on-line via the Internet via GPRS and track the inventory, defects, sales ... if the machine allows. The transmitter is powered directly machine and so does not require external power. It essentially creates a transparent bridge for communication with the machine, either directly at the machine or via the Internet from anywhere in the world.

NEW! For this converter we are now evolved and Power Converter for Rhea Vendors (and other), which allows the machine connected to a pump that is inserted into the barrel with water and the machine can be operated without access to the water. This converter provides smooth operation without any error messages in the machine control unit.

  • small size
  • no external power supply
  • convert RS232 to Bluetooth, USB, GSM, GPRS, WiFi - depending on the version converter
  • reliable communication with machines Sankey VENDING, RHEA Vendors, Wittenborg, Zanussi, BIANCHI, OMNIMATIC
  • MARS coin acceptors, NRI (National Rejectors Inc..) Alberic, SECC, FAGE
  • data can be downloaded to any devices with Bluetooth and support for the SPP, the laptop with the USB
  • data can be sent online to the server via WiFi, GSM or GPRS network
  • can be send all the data that is able to provide a machine... from sales, the state machine, error messages, storage capacity, units sold, etc...


For further information please contact us at: info@lizard-sw.com
The main features...

Communicates with the machines SANKEY VENDING, RHEA Vendors, Wittenborg, Zanussi,...

Vending machine