Lizard Software - SW / HW development

Welcome to the new company website Lizard Software Ltd. - HW / SW development.

As its name suggests, we primarily developing custom software. Although we are still a young company, we have extensive experience from previous projects we have participated as employees of other companies.

Currently we are working on security solutions, which we call GeCon - advanced Internet access control, which is designed to monitor and very easy to block any Web sites in schools, small and medium-sized companies. GeCon provides an overview of the visited web sites for individual PC including the time of visit and browse the Web site. But these are not the only function. Learn more HERE

Our next project is VDM Communicator that can track the status of vending machine (dining or drinking), and send information about it online using the GPRS network. This allows the optimization of filling and service those machines.

our other services:

Software development
  • custom software development customized to customer
  • custom software development for mobile phones Android, Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile
  • development of control software for any PLCs, CNC machines and other microchips
Hardware development
  • sustom development of hardware - from circuit design to realization itself and the recovery equipment
  • piece and the mass production of printed circuits and their programming
  • creating websites, providing design, CMS, portal solutions, SEO
  • ensure the domain registration, website hosting on our servers with 99.9% availability
Custom and special solutions
Expert opinions, consultancy tenders and total solutions
  • expertise status with exposure protocol for accounting, insurance,...
  • independent consultation of tenders
  • solution proposals
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:
october 2011

VDM Power Converter
drink machine connected to the water barrel and its safe operation!

september 2011

We remake the control interface of GeCon, we added new features and improved old!

july 2011

We improved VDM communicator and we are able to communicate with the vending machines through the Internet... more HERE

june 2011
Skype Me™! LizardSW
may 2011

We have new phone number:

+420 602 81 82 80
+420 480 02 38 55

april 2011

For our new customers we have developed this little application ...

january 2011

Monitoring and control access to the Internet, statistics,... direct rival to Kerio Control

october 2010

The idea for the development of the first "box" software.